A race against time as a Highland wildfire closes in on an area of Inverness.

MFR was the only broadcaster giving you live updates from the scene of a blaze threatening homes in Milton of Leys.

Castleton residents are praising firefighters for preventing tragedy.

The cause of the Bogbain Wood fire is unknown.

The Highlands and Moray suffers a mass power failure.

The North Scotland power cut affects 205,000 homes.

MFR hears from people in worst-affected Caithness, and we feature your Facebook comments.

(Since producing this episode, the Scottish Government has revealed the cause of the blackout. Click here for more)

And the UK's worst mobile phone coverage is here in Scotland.

Ofcom figures show more than a third of the Highlands can't even receive 2G. In Moray it's worse with 44 per cent not covered by it.

AUDIO: MFR Reporter Bryan Rutherford presents a review of the week's biggest local stories...