AUDIO: ‘YOUR WEEK': The MFR News Review 26/04/14

AUDIO: ‘YOUR WEEK': The MFR News Review 26/04/14

The top stories on MFR this week...

A fire at a sawmill leads to an explosion which injures three firefighters and four other men - they have to be treated in hospital.

An investigation into the cause of the incident's underway.

Scotland's renewable energy industry reacts to Conservative Party plans to cut wind turbine subsidies if it wins next year's General Election.

MFR News goes to a green energy conference in Inverness.

Did green energy experts tell us that they want an independent Scotland? MFR News has the results of a poll.

And breastfeeding in the boardroom...

A Highlands mum-of-four could be crowned Scotland's top business woman of the year.

AUDIO: MFR Reporter Bryan Rutherford presents a review of the week's biggest local stories...